Thursday 7 April 2016

International 'Alcohol Ink' Rescue

Real life, dammit, has been getting in the way of late, hence the lack of posts.
I made this alcohol ink card a few weeks back and it's teeny, tiny one.

Stooooopidly I forgot to make a note of the colours....but assume it was reds, yellows n' oranges.

The original finished item was a disaster, but instead of binning it I set it aside for a few days while I pondered its fate.

I can't stress enough about not giving up when your alcohol inking projects go wrong.
I've got several distasterous creations on my desk that I just know I'll love another day. So please, please, please...don't despair if your final piece looks like a nightmare....often a masterpiece lies within.

Believe it or not, when I looked at my mess a few days later, I saw 4 tiny sections that I thought I could rescue so I cut out 4 x 1 inch squares, added foam pads et voila!

A splash of gold glitter and now I'm in love....see...told yer!

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