Saturday 28 September 2013

White Van Wo-Man

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Hey everyone!
I hope you’re all having a fab n’ groovy weekend.
It’s been a busy ol’ week for me, I’ve spent most of it as a complete nervous wreck as I’ve finally got myself a van for my gardening work.
After 3 years of hoicking the lawn mower, a myriad of tools, soil & plants into the back of the family car, it was time to get something more practical.


It’s been a bit of a shock going back to manual gears after the luxury (& laziness) of an automatic and because there are no windows at the back I’m also having to learn to park & reverse using just wing mirrors. Scary stuff but I love it. Just gotta sort out the logo.

Meanwhile, here’s a card I’ve made using one of my own digi stamps, the Aquilegia Flower.
Can’t stop…I’ve a van manual to read & Yorkie bar to nibble on.
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Thursday 19 September 2013

Big Up to Mother Nature!


The weather for gardening this week has been perfect!
The temperature is spot on, a slight breeze just when I need it, the soil is workable & showers arrive just as I get back in the car to go home.
Best still, no need for applying what feels like an oil-slick of sun lotion. Eugh…hate the stuff!

Now, in case you haven’t spotted, I’ve fallen in love with Clearly Besotted stamps & dies. I’ve only got the Honeycomb & Heart sets at the mo’ and a couple of sentiment sets but I’m hooked and hope to buy more soon. Classy, clean, refreshingly original images & right up my cul-de-sac!
So the one above is another Honeycomb creation…


…forgive the slight ‘wonk’ to this photo, looks like my stamping’s gone a bit doo-lally. This is my fav’, using just a sentiment stamp to create a mini background to the heart which has also been stamped but then cut out n’ raised slightly.
And finally, another honeycomb card with some bits raised for a bit of vavavoom!
So there you have it, 3 cards, yes 3….the ol’ mojo’s exhausted…off to have a lie down.

Entering the middle Heart card into the -
 Clearly Besotted - Stamp Your Own Background challenge

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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Hey Buddy-Leia

Thought I’d share one of my digi’s with you today, the Buddleia.
The end of summer saw some naked patches start to appear in our garden so a quick visit to my plant suppliers & we now have 2 new additions to our Nectar Bar (flower bed dedicated to attracting insects)…Buddleia.
We have a pink, miniature version, that even had a Peacock butterfly on it while I paid for it and a tall deep purple one called Black Knight.

17.8.2013 (2)
We’ve put the miniature one in a large pot alongside a Fern, a Heuchera ‘marmalade’, a Weigela & a Purple Toadflax to provide all year round interest.
Now we can sit with a cuppa & watch the butterflies feed right under our noses.
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Friday 13 September 2013

Season’s Greetings Everyone!

Yes…before I forget, Happy Christmas!
With only 102 days to go, cards to make, prezzies to buy & wrap and my vocal chords to warm up for ready ‘jingle-belling’, I may not remember to pass on festive salutations.
So…like I said…Happy Christmas!
I’ve made you all a couple of early cards, just in case I forget, using the gorgeous Honeycomb & Happy Days sentiment stamp sets from Clearly Besotted.
Stamped using Adirondack ink pads.
Oh…and just in case…Happy New Year too!
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Friday 6 September 2013

Geum in Red… Dancing With Me….

A (55)
You’re gonna be singing this all day now…sorry!
But it could be worse…could have been the Birdie Song or Agadoo.
Oh no! You’ve got them ALL in your head now…lol.
Here’s some flowers…forgive me?
Now can’t stop…the weekend beckons….Woop! Woop!
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