Sunday 23 August 2015

Zig Clean Color Brush Markers

After alot of procrastinating, umming n' arrrring, pondering, going back & forth , heaps of indecisiveness and general faffing about, I have completed my collection of Zig Clean Color Brush Markers.
Following my recent post on these markers, I've added a handful more, mainly browns, greens & the fabulous fluorescent colours and I'm sure I've now got all the colours I love and need.
I do find that embossing your stamped images before using these pens helps to stop the ink bleeding over the lines.
I'm in the UK & got mine from Cult Pens, bought individually so that I could choose the colours I wanted.
100% recommend!!


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Jane, thanks for this review, not seen these pens before, but know that you like them. Fantastic that you can buy them individually too, I hate that you have to buy in sets like SN, anyway enjoy them, hugs Kate x

Ali said...

Fab selectio of colours there!! Cant wait to see your gorgeous makes using these pens :-) xxx

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